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How To Make Your New Life Coach Website Appear On Google Search

Do you know that your potential customers are already out there, looking for you? Every day, millions of people use Google search to look for stuff they need online. From products they need to buy, to tips on how to deal with depression. One of the least expensive ways to drive traffic to your life coach website and build awareness for your coaching business is via SEO.

So, what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Think of it as the technical, and not-so-technical things you do to increase your chances of having your website listed alongside other websites, in the search result, whenever your potential client types in some words or phrases similar to what you do.

Think of this example, let’s say you’re a life coach specializing in grief and loss relief, and someone goes on google and type “How to deal with pain during lockdown” – they’ll see a list of search results they can choose from, search engine optimization is what makes your website appear among this list.

Now, what exactly do you need to do to get your life coach website on Google Search?

You can either hire a digital marketing expert to handle this for you while you focus on running your business, or you can do it yourself if you have the time.

Let’s help you handle the techy stuff to get your coaching business online while you focus on doing what you do best.

Reach out now to mark this off your to-do list.

If you choose to do it yourself, below are the top 5 things you need to do to make your life coach website appear on google.

1. Take care of the technical part

First things first, you want to make sure the technical parts like the website design, load time, mobile-friendliness, etc are handled.

This is the foundation, you don’t want to drive a potential client away with a terribly slow and ugly website when they find you.

In fact, one of the factors Google looks at to decide whether to show your website in search results is the “bounce rate” of your website.

“Bounce rate” is the geeky term for the percentage of people that leave your website almost as soon as they come.

Your life coach website design should be engaging, professional, and clear. The website should also load very fast, and it should be able to adapt to all screen sizes.

With this tool, you can see how fast your website currently loads. If the report shows your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, this will terribly hurt your search engine ranking, however, we can help you fix that as soon as possible.

2. Submit your website to Google Search

The next thing you have to do to make your life coach website appear on Google Search is to submit your website URL to Google Search.

It makes sense to submit your website to them first so they can start “crawling your website pages” right away.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn how you can submit your website URL to Google Search.

3. Research and choose the right keywords

Think of the problems your target audience experiences a lot, put yourself in their shoes, and try to think of how they would google these problems. Come up with a list of different possible search phrases they might use, these are the keywords you need to target in your website contents.

Niche down these keywords to specific problems instead of the generic ones. This will not alone increase your chances of ranking higher than your competitor, it will also increase your chances of converting your website visitor into a paying client.

For example, you can target “grief and pain coach”, “loss coach UK”, etc. Instead of targeting the common keywords that your competitors are probably already targeting. Keywords like “life coach”, “coaching business”, “professional life coach”.

4. Publish more contents on your blog

Are you blogging on your coaching website? If not, you should start doing so. Websites with more valuable content are ranked higher on Google search.

Blogging is one way to reflect your personality on your website if you write, and also give your website visitors values. Visitors will hang around a bit longer if you give them a reason to.

If you write, you can publish some of your writings on your blog, or if not, you can hire a copywriter that will keep your website updated with useful articles.

Keeping your website updated with valuable content will not only increase your chances of showing up on Google, but it will also grow the number of users that actively visit your website.

5. Backlink

There are two types of links. We have an “Outbound” link, you are most likely familiar with this – it’s when you create a link “from” your website, “to” another website. A link to go “out” of your website is called an Outbound link.

While the second type is an “Inbound” link. This is when another website puts the link to your website on theirs. This is also called “Backlink”.

When reputable websites that are already doing well on Google mentions your website on any of their posts or page, Google sees this and concludes that your website is most likely valuable too, and hence, you increase your chances of getting ranked.

One of the ways to get backlinks from websites is by reaching out to them and convincing them to allow you to submit a guest post on their website. Another is by paying for sponsored articles on different websites if you have the budget.

The more backlinks you have from top websites, the better your chances of ranking high.


Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term, continuous process. Though you can see the results in a short time when you niche down, chances are that you’ll start seeing the full power after a long-term journey of consistently delivering value on your website.

It’s not magic, and it won’t happen overnight. But with consistency, the result will make the hard work worth it.

It has worked for many coaching businesses like yours, and it will work for you when you’re consistent.

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