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All About Purrs offers in-your-home cat sitting services and care for your cats with special needs. They also help caregivers nurture healthy feline behaviors while managing the occasional problematic ones. AllAboutPurrs works together with cat families to educate and find solutions, they utilize Pam Johnson-Bennett, “Think Like A Cat” approach to training which is based on positive reinforcement, understanding what a cat needs, and what he is communicating by his behavior.

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“Spantus is fabulous to work with. I’ve been working with them for a couple of years now on several projects including my website. As a small business owner, I find it truly refreshing to work with them. They are flexible, approachable, talented, and creative. They understand what you’re looking for and will work with you at your level of expertise and are willing to educate you along the way so you can begin doing some of the work yourself. They understand that my budget is limited and has worked with me to complete projects that meet both of our needs. I am very grateful that I have found them and would highly recommend them to any small business owner looking to grow their business.”


AllAboutPurrs wanted to refresh their website and give it a clean and simple look. They needed the navigation process to be simpler and easier to understand. They also wanted to increase their search visibility and make it easier for customers to find them online and make inquiries.

  • Redesign website UI/UX
  • Simplify navigation
  • Improve page load speed
  • Improve search engine visibility
allaboutpurrs before
build unique life coach website



Website & Logo Redesign

After iterating over multiple layout concepts for the website redesign, we agreed to a final, clean, simple, and elegant look for the new website. We helped AllAboutPurrs redesign their logo to match the refreshed design and also redesigned their navigation to make it simpler to understand and easier to use.

spantus website design explorations

Responsive Web Development

We implemented the final design concept and converted it into a responsive website. We also maximized the website load speed and improved the overall performance on different devices. By developing an accessible website, we were able to make their business reach more customers across different devices.

pagespeed score

Search Engine Optimization

We performed a full website audit, generated a detailed report, and optimized their website for search engines based on carefully executed strategies. We improved their search visibility and were able to increase their click rate and month over month growth of users by 48%.

seo score

Quality Assurance & On-going Maintenance

Our quality assurance team made sure the website was fully tested on different devices before deployment and going live. We also currently work closely with AllAboutPurrs to ensure their website is up-to-date.

Swift Customer Support

We’ve been providing AllAboutPurrs with quality and swift customer support for 4+ years.


  • 100% Increase in revenue
  • 48% Increase in month over month growth of users
  • 81% On-Page SEO score
  • 44.7 Average search position
  • 1.6K Search clicks in the past months
  • < 1.99 sec Website load time

Immediate increase in the number of keywords the website was ranking for, behavior consulting booking and inquiries increased by 100%, the website became visible on search engines, currently ranks 4th position on google search and number 1 on google business lists.

project result

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