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How To Get More Coaching Clients Online Through Your Website

So you’re just starting out as a life coach, you’ve gotten your certification and you’re very clear on what you’ll be offering. However, you’re stuck with getting new coaching clients online.

If marketing is not your area of strength, but you’re hoping to give it a try, below are 3 important things to do, to get more coaching clients online through your website.


How To Get More Clients With Your Life Coaching Website

1. Build a converting website

No matter how many people you convince to visit your website, if your website isn’t built in a way that encourages them to choose to work with you, then all your efforts to get coaching clients through your website may be in vein.

What does it mean to have a coaching website that converts?

On the surface, this simply means having a website that converts your website visitors into paying clients.

How do you know your website converts? Easy, how many new clients do you get through it?

If you’re not getting any new clients through your website, kindly reach out so we can fix that for you.

2. Do your website SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the thing you do on your website, that makes it easy for people to find your coaching website online, when they use search engines like Google.

Many life coaches don’t pay attention to this. But it’s key, if you want to get more clients online.

Growing your coaching business means, getting to the point where new clients come to you, instead of you going to them.

And this means automating the way you get new clients, so that you stay booked, while you focus on running your coaching business.

With SEO, growing your coaching business to this point, is not alone possible, but can be done sooner than you may think.

See this article on how to make your website search engine optimized.

3. Boost your website traffic with paid ads

When starting out as a life coach, it’s understandable to want to keep your expenses minimal.

And this may prompt you to decide not to run ads.

Though your website can still thrive without ads, however, running paid ads speeds things up. Meaning, you’ll be able to get faster results, when you run paid ads.

The soonest you’re able to get results, the easier it’ll be to know what marketing strategies work for your coaching business, and what doesn’t, so that you can focus your energy on doing what works for you.

So unless you absolutely can’t afford it, I’d really recommend running paid ads as soon as you’ve built a converting website, and you’ve done your SEO.


When trying to get coaching clients online, consistency and patience is key.

You need to constantly show up where potential clients can find you, and you also need to be patient when you can’t see good results yet.

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