get more coaching clients online

How To Get More Coaching Clients Online Through Your Website

So you're just starting out as a life coach, you've gotten your certification and you're very clear on what you'll ...
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coaching plugin wordpress

Top 5 WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins For A Life Coach Website

As a life coach, one important coaching plugin to have on your WordPress website is an appointment booking system. A ...
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3 Important Reasons to Back Up Your Life Coach Website Regularly

Assuming for some reasons, your coaching website gets hacked(something quite common on the internet), and you lose the access to ...
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5 Unique Ways to Engage Visitors on Your Coaching Website

5 Unique Ways To Engage Visitors On Your Coaching Website & Boost Conversion

It's not enough to only bring people to your coaching website, it's also important to keep them on it. As ...
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Steps to Improve Your Life Coach Website Speed

6 Necessary Steps to Improve Your Life Coach Website Speed

What do you think a user notices first when visiting your coaching website for the first time? If you're like ...
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Major Reasons Why Your Coaching Website Is Not Showing Up on Google Search

5 Major Reasons Why Your Coaching Website Is Not Showing Up on Google Search

As a life coach, one of the major reasons why you have a website is to be able to reach ...
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important pages on life coach website

The 4 Most Important Pages on a Life Coach’s Website

As a life coach, ensuring your clients have a good user experience when navigating through your website is very important ...
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best seo plugins for life coaching website

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Life Coaching Website SEO Yourself

Apart from helping you get found on Google easily, another thing search engine optimization does is that it puts you ...
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what facebook down mean for small businesses

Why Was Facebook Down? Will It Happen Again? Here Is What You Should Know As A Small Business Owner

On Monday, 4th of October 2021, Facebook suffered a huge outage that caused the platform and all its main apps ...
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lifecoach analytics

How To Drive Traffic To Your New Life Coaching Website

Have you built a unique coaching website for your business and now you're struggling to get new visitors? I've been ...
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build life coaching website with wordpress

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Life Coaching Website

If you've decided to build your life coaching website on WordPress(I totally recommend this), below are the top 10 plugins ...
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things to have on a life coach website

8 Important Things to Have On A Life Coach Website

Having a website for your life coaching business is more than having something online to show people when talking about ...
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promoting life coaching business online

Promoting Your Life Coaching Business: What is Web Analytics and Why Should You Care?

When promoting your life coaching business online, you want to make sure to track all your marketing efforts. This will help ...
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life coaching business marketing mistakes spantus

Life Coaching Business Digital Marketing: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

When it comes to growing your life coaching business online and attracting more clients, digital marketing is the way to ...
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new life coach website on google

How To Make Your New Life Coach Website Appear On Google Search

Do you know that your potential customers are already out there, looking for you? Every day, millions of people use ...
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reasons why small business websites fail

8 Reasons Why Most Small Business Websites Fail

Perhaps what business websites lack is proper planning throughout the whole process of making a website that can attract visitors ...
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