3 Important Reasons to Back Up Your Life Coach Website Regularly

Assuming for some reasons, your coaching website gets hacked(something quite common on the internet), and you lose the access to your website.

How do you get back online quickly? How do you avoid having to rebuild your website again from scratch?

This is where having a backup of your coaching website comes in handy.

Your life coach website backup includes everything you would want to restore if something ever goes on your website.

There are a lot of reasons to back up your life coach website regularly. In this article, I’ll explain three most important ones.

Important Reasons to Back Up Your Life Coach Website Regularly

1. Prevents Data Loss

As you work on your coaching site, it’s common for mistakes to happen.

Sometimes you end up deleting something mistakenly. If your website runs on WordPress or any CMS, it’s possible to install a bad plugin, or a bad plugin update.

When something like this happen, the quickest and best way to recover any lost data, and revert your site to its previous state, is via your website backup.

Regularly backing up your coaching website gives you some level of peace of mind, because you know your data and files will be intact everytime, regardless of whatever happens.


2. Protection Against Cyberattacks

Malwares are not restricted to your personal computers alone, they can infect your website too.

Every website, no matter how secure it is, is prone to cyber attacks. There is no such thing as perfect security on the internet.

One way to prepare for something like this, and to minimize the impact if it ever happens, is to back up your life coach website regularly.

No matter what happens, you can recover from any cyber attack quickly, and get back online asap, with the help of your coaching website backup.

3. It’s Cheaper

Imagine for a moment that something actually goes wrong, and you don’t have any backup of your website. How do you get your coaching business back online?

The only possible solution is to rebuild your coaching website again from the scratch.

If you have published posts on your previous website, you have to spend time to rewrite and republish everything again. Unless of course you remember them, or you have them saved(backed up) somewhere.

And if your old website was ranking well on search engines, you have to redo search engine optimization for the new website.

Doing this as you suspect, will cost money and time.

However, if you have your coaching website backup, restoring your site back to it’s previous state won’t cost extra. And as far as you have the same domain name and content, it won’t impact your SEO either.


Get Prepared

Don’t wait till something bad happens to your website before you start taking backing it up serious.

I learnt this the hard way years ago. And I can tell you, losing your hard work overnight isn’t something fun.

You can reach out to your hosting server to purchase an automated back up plan from them, or you can check out this post to learn how to do it yourself on WordPress.

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