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Top 5 WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins For A Life Coach Website

As a life coach, one important coaching plugin to have on your WordPress website is an appointment booking system.

A potential client shouldn’t have to email you first, then wait for your reply to know your availability or to book a session with you.

With appointment scheduling softwares, you can easily setup your booking page and automate your entire booking process.

In this article, we’ll look at the top appointment scheduling plugins you can start using on your WordPress website right now.


Top 5 WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins For Coaches

Embed Calendly

Calendly is one the best scheduling softwares for life coaches, and it’s free to use.

It lets you setup your availability as it suits you, then it allows you to create a calendar that clients can view your availability on, so as to book time with you.

The software comes with lots of awesome features that make scheduling appointments easy and seamless.

Adding Calendly on your website is a bit technical, this is where Embed Calendly comes in handy.

With Embed Calendly WordPress plugin, you can easily connect your WordPress website to Calendly without stressing over the technical part.


Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments is an appointment booking plugin for coaches, consultants, and small businesses.

The plugin is deeply integrated with WordPress, and it comes with intuitive and easy to use user interface.

The plugin also allows you to customize notification emails, and scheduling widget styles to suit you.

At any time, you can upgrade to any of their paid licenses, to unlock access to more features like email/SMS reminder, and ability to accept payments during booking etc.



Amelia is a powerful booking plugin for your coaching website. It works 24/7 to make sure your clients can book appointments and pay online even while you sleep.

Amelia is a highly customizable, and it helps you tailor booking forms to your coaching business.

Unlike others, the plugin doesn’t come with a free version. The basic license goes for $79.



Bookly is another appointment scheduling plugin you can use on your coaching website.

It’s easy to setup and automate, and booking forms are fully responsive on different devices.

If you have multiple coaching services, the plugin allows you to easily create different categories, so that potential clients can easily book a specific coaching service with you, instead of using the same booking form on all pages of your website.

The plugin is free to download on the WordPress repository, you can also purchase a premium license from their website, in case you want to be able to accept payments during booking.


Start Booking

Start Booking is quite similar to Calendly, in the sense that, it’s not a native booking solution for WordPress, however, if you have your calendar setup on their website, you can easily add it to your WordPress website via a plugin.

If you offer group coaching, you’ll find their WordPress coaching plugin handy, has it comes with a support for group booking.

The plugin is also free to download on WordPress, and it also comes in premium, if you’d like to use more robust features available.


Installing any of these appointment booking plugins for your coaching website, will go a long way in simplifying your booking process, compared to only having a contact form on your booking page.

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