5 Unique Ways to Engage Visitors on Your Coaching Website

5 Unique Ways To Engage Visitors On Your Coaching Website & Boost Conversion

It’s not enough to only bring people to your coaching website, it’s also important to keep them on it.

As a life coach, to make your website work for you, it needs to be able to convert random visitors into active users, and then coaching clients.

How do you give visitors a reason to come back to your website again, or even consider working with you? In this article, I’ll show you 5 ways to engage visitors on your coaching website.


5 Ways to Engage Visitors on Your Coaching Website

1. Provide A Solution

One of the reasons people go online is to search for answers, and solutions to their problem.

If you’ve done your customer research, drawn your customer persona, and have a good idea of what your potential clients looks like. Very good!

Now the next thing to do is to imagine questions your potential clients may be asking online, related to what you do(eg, how they can be more self confident etc), and then answer them on your website.

People tend to spend more time on websites they find useful.

Providing solutions on your coaching website will not alone increase the time people spend on it, it will also help you build more trust with them.


2. Make Your Website User Friendly

Providing solutions isn’t the only thing that determines how long visitors spend on your website.

How you present that solution or information is just as important.

A user-friendly website is a website that makes it easy for visitors to find information quickly.

With that in mind, your website should be clear and easy to understand.

It should be easy to navigate too so that visitors can smoothly move from one solution(or post/page) to another.


3. Provide Quality And Valuable Content

To engage visitors on your coaching website, you need to be able to clearly communicate with them, and get their attention.

Poor website content transmits a wrong message to your visitors, and it gives them a wrong impression about the credibility of your work.

When people find your content valuable, they give you their attention, and tend to stick around longer on your website to find more useful content.

Staying consistent with providing valuable content on your coaching website will increase the number of returning users, and also go a long way in boosting your SEO.

So pay attention to what you put on your website, and make sure they reflect the quality of your work.


4. Make Your Website Super Fast

I can’t emphasize this enough, your website’s speed is really important.

If visitors have to wait around to access your solutions, or to be able to read your valuable website content, chances are that you may lose them.

This is the internet, and people are not very patient when visiting a website for the first time.

In fact, according to research, it takes about 0.05seconds for people to form an opionion that determines whether they’ll stay on your coaching website or leave.

To encourage visitors to stay on your coaching site, and check out more pages on it, you need to make sure all pages load smoothly and fast.

You can check out this post to learn how to make your website super fast.


5. Offer Gifts

Who doesn’t like free stuffs, right?

When you give out freebies related to your coaching, you give users the opportunity to have an idea of what it’s like to work with you. Plus it’s also a good way to start off a positive relationship with them, and earn their trust.

A free ebook by you, a free checklist, guided meditation etc are good examples of something valuable you could give out to your website visitors.

Giving them a valuable gift in return for their email is also an incredible strategy for growing your mailing list, thereby making it easier to promote other services you offer as a life coach.

If you need more ideas on freebies you can offer on your coaching website, or a guide on how to go about creating one, you can check out this post by Kenn Schroder.



Unless the goal is for people to do absolutely Nothing on your site, then you don’t need to worry about learning how to engage visitors on your coaching website. Because the time people spend on it won’t matter.

However, if you hope that your website doesn’t just exist for the sake of it, and actually connect with people. Then these tips will help you get your coaching website on the right track, and make it attract more potential clients to you.

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