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Life Coaching Business Digital Marketing: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

When it comes to growing your life coaching business online and attracting more clients, digital marketing is the way to go. Unlike traditional marketing where you have to spend tons of money on ads, digital marketing can get your coaching business in front of the right people with little resources, if done right.

Too frequently, life coaches try digital marketing without proper planning or firstly weighing how it can align with their goals. This quickly leads to frustration and burnout. They know they’re putting in the “efforts”, but not getting the kind of results that make the time spent worth it.

In this article, I’ll briefly talk about 7 of the most common digital marketing mistakes life coaches make when starting out online. So you know what to avoid when doing your life coaching business marketing yourself.

10 Common Life Coaching Business Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Not Having a Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan. Promoting your coaching business without any marketing plan is like going to shop for a white piece of cloth with a blindfold on. You may get lucky but there is a high chance that you won’t.

Having a solid marketing plan will help you save a lot of time and money.

Your marketing plan clearly outlines your coaching business goals and how you hope to achieve them through marketing. It’s a clear road map on how you plan to promote your life coaching business.

With it, you can easily determine which strategies are working for you and the ones that aren’t, and then adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Taking Competitor Research for Granted

Detailed competitor research and analysis are essential for creating a solid marketing plan.

Though most life coaches are unique, and your competitors are most likely NOT offering the exact services as you, chances are that you’d still have a few things in common. For example, having a genuine passion for helping people.

Learning from your competitors and asking yourself these questions can give you clear insights into what to do or avoid when marketing your life coaching business.

How do your competitors get their clients? Where do they find their clients online? What marketing channels do they pay more attention to? What kind of values do they give their audience?

Answering these questions will give you more clarity and ideas on how you can market your life coaching online too.

3. Targeting the Wrong Audience

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it helps you get the word in front of the right people. With complex analysis tools, it ensures you’re reaching the exact people that’ll find your services valuable.

Before trying to market your life coaching business online, take the time to research and understand who your target audience is. Who do you serve? Who will find your offerings valuable the most? What motivates them? What are their fears?

Having a deep understanding of who your target audience is will help you craft the right message that resonates with the right people.

4. Not Having a Website

Research shows that 87% of people go online to search for the goods and services they need. Having a good online presence for your coaching business makes it easier for potential clients to find you, and trust you.

Your website is like your “storefront” when it comes to running your life coaching business online. Without one, potential clients that go on search engines to look for people that do what you do, won’t find you or have a chance to work with you.

You might want to check out an article I wrote on how to make people find your coaching business online through your website.

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5. Not Having a Social Media Presence

Social media so far has become one of the greatly used means of connecting with people all over the world.

No matter who you are, there’s a high chance that you have at least one social media account. Even as a life coach.

Creating a good social media profile, and actively engaging with your potential clients on the platforms they hang out can help you gain more exposure as a life coach.

6. Building a Website You Don’t Have Time For

Another common thing among life coaches is having an outdated website.

Most life coaches build their website and leave it as it is, without regularly updating it with valuable content.

Keeping your potential clients engaged on your website can go a long way in convincing them to work with you.

Showing them the values they can get from you upfront, through your website will help you build more trust with them. It’ll also make it easier for them to decide to work with you someday.

7. Not Tracking Results

Once you start attracting clients, it’s good to keep track of the exact efforts that yielded results. Eg, was engaging with people more on Facebook what made you see an increase in bookings? You might want to spend more time doing that.

Or it could be that ever since you added a short guided meditation freebie to your website, more people signed up for your newsletter. Then you should consider creating more freebies for your ideal clients.

Tracking results will give you insights into the exact effort that works for you, and hence, help you make better decisions when it comes to doing your life coaching business marketing.


Digital marketing takes time and practice. If you’ve decided to do it yourself, keeping the mistakes above in mind will go a long way in helping you save time and ensure you’re doing the right thing to attract clients online.

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