we help people earn a lot from doing more of what they love, and less of marketing.

Speak, touch, and connect with your audience in a beautiful and meaningful way.​

I started Spantus to help solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who are ready to reach more people and make more impact, through strategic and unique websites.

I realized that there are many websites out there competing for people’s attention and taking advantage of human psychology to manipulate people to take action. If you’ve watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

My mission is to build authentic websites that truly connect with people and encourage them to do what’s right for them, instead of websites that depend on algorithms to manipulate people to take actions.

Website Designer for Coaches and Small Businesses

Hi there! I’m Itiel. I’m a software engineer, web consultant & strategist, and I blog about websites and tech.

I’m deeply passionate about building stuff that matters, and I strongly believe humans are limitless.

I worked as a freelance website designer for 3 years and during that time, I had the opportunity to help over 100 business owners build their websites.

All the clients I worked with had one thing in common, they wanted a website that simply showed what they did, something like a digital brochure and nothing more.

How the Journey Started

After working hard for 3 years as a 5-star freelance web designer, I lost my only source of income overnight. Months after living in the new reality, it got to a point where my savings was all I had left. I started looking for ways to reach out to my past clients outside the freelancing website I worked on, so I could get web design gigs.

To my surprise and nightmare, I couldn’t find any of them. You know why? More than 80% of them took down their website because other than being a digital brochure, it did nothing more. It didn’t get them found, nor brought clients to grow their business.

As a result, getting new clients became really hard for me because I had to start from scratch. No referrals, nothing.

This made me embark on a journey to learn how to build websites that make an impact. I took different courses on digital marketing and learned how to use website as a marketing tool. More than just digital brochure, a website that works.

The knowledge I acquired and my digital marketing skill helped me build a website that increased a client’s revenue by 100% in a year.

Ever since then, my interest has grown for helping small businesses thrive and stay relevant even after years 

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